BROWN RICE that much better then WHITE RICE

The power of brown rice !

Since i can remember white rice has simply been everywhere! Marketed for its super healthy benefits brown rice was always in the shadow - we at EASY EATING have always used brown rice over white and here are a few benefits why...

Promotes weight loss : Brown rice is a perfect carbohydrate stable to “in grain” into your healthy diet. Excuse the pun but this whole grain food reduces the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. The wholeness of the grain makes your stomach feel full which translates into smaller meal portions.

Rich in Anti-Oxidants : Brown rice is actually rich in anti-oxidants! Anti-oxidants are vitamins which  neutralise the unhealthy chemicals or radicals in one’s body. It has this cleansing effect which promotes a healthier immune system.

A slow-release of sugars : Brown rice helps stabilize blood sugars levels which therefore means its is great for diabetes sufferers. Studies show that those who consumes brown rice reduce their risk of developing diabetes by 60%,

More fibre : As brown rice has a significant amount of fibre within it, this aids digestion and excretion. Fibre is important in getting rid of the unhealthy chemicals and foods. It also helps you feel physically better.

Promotes bone health : Brown rice contains magnesium, a mineral which is essential to bone health. One cup of brown rice contains 21% of the recommended daily value of magnesium.

So there you have it! The power of brown rice. The health benefits are abundant so go on and eat some! :)