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How to live a leaner life


I tell all of my clients that in order to live a happier life you should live a leaner life. Living with low body fat levels is healthy and very advantageous to whole body function; lesser body fat levels allow higher testosterone in males, reduced inflammation throughout the body and allow reduced toxin accumulation. However, the interesting thing about all this is that very few people know how to live lean. This article will outline and discuss how your protein intake, caloric intake, and exercise can enable you to live leaner.

Protein intake

Individuals who consume higher levels of...

How you should train

How you should train...

Covered in this article:

  • Everyone will benefit from different training. Work with your genetics
  • Listen to how your body responds to training. Intuition is actually a really good way of picking what will work best for you
  • Perform all movements through a full range of motion
  • Train your muscles through various angles.

We all know that in order to get the most gains from your training, you need to find what works for you. But the big question that many people need answered is ‘how do you find what will work for you?’ In...

Why you should eat red meat

Why you should eat red meat

We all know that the biggest of the biggest bodybuilders eat lots of red meat. I myself eat roughly 4kgs of red meat every week… and that’s just when I’m cutting. Red meat is essential for a number of muscle building and health reasons. In this article I’m going to explain why you need red meat for its arachidonic acid, its anti-inflammatory properties, and the L-carnitine it contains.

Arachidonic acid

Red meat is really high in a fat called ‘Arachidonic acid’. Arachidonic acid is a really important fat which is often present in...

Bulking Myths - BUSTED!

One of the most mind boggling things for any ‘bulker’ to wrap his or her head around is how to differentiate between dieting myths and truths. For every truth about dieting I have heard, there are at least ten myths which follow. I’m going to help get you guys started the right way by busting three big myths about dieting.

Myth 1: If your abs aren’t showing, you aren’t growing!

This is my personal favourite. Anyone on the permabulk (someone who is forever bulking and will never cut – see figure below) will tell you that in order to gain...

3 super easy Hints to BULK effectively!


Gaining muscle without putting on fat is the end goal of every lifter, yet few manage to successfully do so! The thing is, gaining muscle without gaining fat is not hard when you structure your diet properly. In fact, it’s quite simple. In this short blog I’m going to give you guys three hints I’ve learned through my years of dieting which will massively help your progress.

Hint 1: Be in a calorie surplus

In order to gain the most amount of muscle possible you need to be in a calorie surplus. A calorie surplus involves consuming more calories...