Why is Easy Eating different?

Easy Eating is different because we are a completely FRESH NOT FROZEN home delivery company. We not only offer delicious meals that taste great, but meals that are portion controlled and great for you! With the help of innovative chefs, experienced nutritionists and a range of top level athletes Easy Eating is Australia's leading fresh meal delivery company.

To ensure freshness we deliver TWICE a week to your home or workplace.

Can I set up a wholesale account or retail outlet?

Easy Eating along side its delivery service, has retail opportunities for gyms, supplement stores and high traffic areas. Please email michael@easyeating.com.au for further information.

How do I pay?

Payments are made online at the end of your Easy Eating Shopping experience with Credit or Debit card through a secure gateway.

Do you cater to certain dietary needs?

Of course! Easy Eating completely customise meal options and portions! Please send us an email of your diet plan !

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes, although to ensure they hold the highest nutritional qualities we recommend food be eaten fresh.

Do the meals contain artificial flavours or preservatives?

NO NO! Easy Eating only use fresh, quality produce and ingredients. We believe artificial ingredients and food should never mix and only act as toxins to your body.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Easy Eating meals will be delivered between 5am and 7am. We cannot give specific times due to traffic delays and unforeseen circumstances that may alter the delivery route.

What if I'm not home to take delivery?

Leave special instructions where to leave your order in a shaded place when you order online. All orders are packed in a Cooler bag or Foam box (depending on the amount of meals) with a long lasting gel ice pack. We do although, recommend to be home during the delivery times as our food is completely fresh and best put in the fridge asap.

Are there any additional charges?

There are no hidden fees or additional charges! It may be hard to believe but Easy Eating's prices are all inclusive of all admin, joining and exit fees! If your order is UNDER $76 for the WHOLE WEEK there will be a $15 delivery charge, orders above this will incur a delivery charge of $7.95 (as of March 2016)

Delivery to Zone 2 and 3 will incur a cost of $9.95 for the full week.